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Reasons why replacing alcohol with fizzy drinks is a no-no.

> If they’re not filled with sugar, they’re filled with aspartame.

>They usually have lots of caffeine in them.

>Carbonation is bad for your tummy.


This artificial sweetener has caused all sorts of controversy over the years with big ??? over its links with cancer, headaches, metabolism. However, the jury (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) in America claim it to be safe and the UK Food Agency allow it on the condition that products that use it, list all ingredients on the packaging.

Nevertheless, if you read anything by someone who cares about health (or humans), aspartame is a NO NO including links with cancer, depression, accelerated cell aging and liver changes. In fact, if you follow the link (NO NO) above you will see more details (with references) on all of these links including a study on aspartame and liver function in liver function of adult male rats. It did not end well: damages liver cells and skews antioxidant activity. Oh dear!

But let’s face it – even if aspartame had not been discovered, you know fizzy drinks are bad for you!


Not in all fizzy drinks but a lot of them (as well as energy drinks). At Energy Fiend, they’ve created a very helpful caffeine database . Too much caffeine (500 – 600 mg) can cause muscle tremors, headaches, stomach upset and irritability. It’s highly acidic too (makes you fat).


If you’ve got a bad tummy or suffer from IBS like me (ouch), this makes fizzy drinks even worse! Humans were not designed to drink bubbles, hence the massive burps and farts that will come from it. Also, it erodes your teeth. Boo to sparkly fizz.

And don’t think you can turn to squash as a substitute, instead. These types of drinks are just as bad – sugar or aspartame….you can’t win.

But does it HAVE to be all about water?


Some reasons why I don’t want to quit drinking?

  • All my friends drink a lot – abstaining for a year might completely destroy my social time.
  • I won’t have an excuse to be a lethargic blob. No longer will laying about watching loads of telly and eating lots of junk food be so justified.
  • Known for being vivacious and keeping the party going, I am terrified of being the quiet one.
  • What if I stop having a good time, altogether? What if I become really serious and boring?
  • What will I replace my drinking with? When it’s the end of the day and I need a drink, what will I substitute it with? Can I muster up enough discipline to exercise or meditate instead?
  • If you don’t try, you can’t fail. With so much against me can I make a year?
  • It’s fun: everyone can become more merry, talkative, loved up and relaxed. In the right circumstances, it can enhance a great time.

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