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About last night

Text from R: Fancy meeting at the pub on the corner?

Text from me: Not really up for drinking tonight babe. Got loads to do tomorrow.

Text from R: We don’t have to drink, just would ne nice to catch up.

Text from me: Ok. Awesome. See you there 5.30 pm.

5 glasses of red wine later (and a shot of Tuaca) = pissed.



Some reasons why I want to quit drinking?

  • Alcohol is linked to cancer – my mum and aunt died of breast cancer; my grandma survived breast cancer; and my Grandpa died of brain cancer.
  • I’m grossly overweight by three or four stone and never have enough energy (week by week) to go anything about it.
  • When I’m hungover I crave junk food and eat more than usual.
  • I can make lose hours of memory, waking up filled with pangs of guilt and shame but not knowing why.
  • Alcohol causes mood swings, alters behaviour and weakens inhibitions – this has caused many dramas in my life and affected my relationships with family and friends.
  • Booze is a powerful substance and like anything with such force, should be respected. I don’t think many people in my culture really get that about alcohol.
  • Now that I’m in my early thirties, I want to start a family and have a successful career as a writer and eventually a primary school teacher. These things will never occur while I keep letting my drinking hold me back and leave me as a lethargic, lazy mess.

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