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Some encouragement for not drinking alcohol from the BBC

I can’t share this with you directly for some reason…(you can share it every other way) – so here is the link

Headline: Detox in January is Futile, says Liver charity.

Such a great article to read, if you are too abstaining from alcohol or just as importantly, are thinking about it.


New Year hunger

Happy New Year alchies and soberites everywhere. So my year of not drinking has begun but rather unhealthily. Giant (and I mean GIANT) chinese last night to comfort my colossal hangover…and am now waiting for a yummy panini from the cafe round the corner. Num num.

Aw well…perhaps the health kick will happen over time. At least I’m not drinking. 😉

The Daily Post

Topic #337:

Write about your oldest friend. Where did you meet? When did you become friends? Why do you think your friendship has lasted for so long?

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