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Why inhibitions are your friend.

As a teenager, my father always tried to drum into me how men found drunk women really unattractive. I would usually roll my eyes, tut and gaze out the window, thinking, “What rubbish. He just wants to stop me having a good time.” Which, incidentally, now I read back, sounds insane.

Last night, I went to a birthday party at the pub, fully equipped with a freezer bag filled with popcorn tea, chai, chilli chai and yerba mate. Slightly anxious that I would be the bore of the gathering and end up leaving early, I was pleasantly surprised to have a blast. Read more…


Exception to the Rule

So last night I broke my resolution and drank. However, I think you’ll understand why because I got engaged. He’s a wonderful man and you’d all love him.

So we started on a very expensive bottle of champagne and ended up makung a night of it. Needless to say I am back on the wagon again today with a mean hangover, complete lethargy and aching eyes. Ooof.

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