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Changing the UK to Minimize Binge Drinking

A while ago I wrote a post called, “Is there a cure for stupidity?” that discussed an idea that could work well for curing binge drinking too. It outlined a world where coffee shops and stylish, well kept community centres opened all night for groups to meet up and talk about their passions; play board games and cards; and drink their favourite beverages. Also, you could have open-house workshops (always big spaces) where you could take art lessons in things like woodwork or sculpture before relaxing with a coffee.

Today, I met a woman who inspired me to think a little bit more about this “it shouldn’t be all about the pubs at night” thought thread. Ant and I were sat in Churchill Square in Brighton enjoying the Spring sunshine and waiting for the shops to open. This young Chinese woman approached us, asking for information on the shops opening. When we said 10 or 11, she looked as if she didn’t understand. So I, of course repeated, using my fingers for 10 and 11. Read more…


What everyone should campaign for in their local area

Reading a recent report on the Prime Minister’s official website about the cost of alcohol to the NHS, thestats show a massive rise in alcohol-related medical diagnosis. Here’s an excerpt from the report: Read more…

An easy weight loss incentive everyone should know for 2012

Mega Weight Chart

In my last post, I mentioned a weight loss contest that I’ve recently got into. All you need is to email a few friends who want to lose a bit of weight – all put in a bit of money and a start and finish date. Whoever loses the largest percentage of weight, wins.

Our finish date is in two months. We all threw in £10 each and had to weigh ourselves in Boots chemist, Friday before last and put our results (and tenner) in an envelope to give to one nominated girl.There’s give of us and although I’m sure you can do the maths, I’ll make it clear that it’s £50 jackpot. So far, we have one girl that has lost a lot of weight but it’s clear she will burn out soon and by the sounds of it everyone else is just being good (e.g. no chocolate, no burgers etc.,). Read more…

One Fun Day

As of tomorrow I will not only be staying sober but also eating low fat, healthy foods.

I know what you’re thinking – Why not today? And you’re probably right but I’d already organised to go for a roast and see some friends.

Why not last week? My boss was here from America so went out for meals. Ate the last of the chocolate from Christmas and do you know what else? I honestly felt I deserved all these luxuries and treats for not drinking.

Yet these “rewards” are not doing me any good. Especially as I am in a weight loss contest, right now (will save this for another post).

So it’s strict as of tomorrow but according to my friend who’s a fitness instructor, you need to have one fun day a week. Been thinking about it and it makes so much sense. Helps the discipline of keeping it up if you can keep seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Obviously I can’t drink but I’m sure I can think of other vices.

First pro-active step – Swimathon weekend 2012

So the first thing that happens when you make a big life change, is you wonder how else to spend my Last night I signed up to Swimathon Weekend April 27th – 29th 2012. It looks like great fun. Anyone else who likes a dip in the pool more than a run around the garden, should join!!

It’s for a great cause too – Marie Curie Cancer Fund.

Am planning to do the 5K..slightly overambitious but am definitely gonna go for it.

Unfortunately, I still am ill with a cold after partying too hard during Christmas and New Year. So no front crawl or breast stroke for me, this week.



Some reasons why I want to quit drinking?

  • Alcohol is linked to cancer – my mum and aunt died of breast cancer; my grandma survived breast cancer; and my Grandpa died of brain cancer.
  • I’m grossly overweight by three or four stone and never have enough energy (week by week) to go anything about it.
  • When I’m hungover I crave junk food and eat more than usual.
  • I can make lose hours of memory, waking up filled with pangs of guilt and shame but not knowing why.
  • Alcohol causes mood swings, alters behaviour and weakens inhibitions – this has caused many dramas in my life and affected my relationships with family and friends.
  • Booze is a powerful substance and like anything with such force, should be respected. I don’t think many people in my culture really get that about alcohol.
  • Now that I’m in my early thirties, I want to start a family and have a successful career as a writer and eventually a primary school teacher. These things will never occur while I keep letting my drinking hold me back and leave me as a lethargic, lazy mess.

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