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Changing the UK to Minimize Binge Drinking

A while ago I wrote a post called, “Is there a cure for stupidity?” that discussed an idea that could work well for curing binge drinking too. It outlined a world where coffee shops and stylish, well kept community centres opened all night for groups to meet up and talk about their passions; play board games and cards; and drink their favourite beverages. Also, you could have open-house workshops (always big spaces) where you could take art lessons in things like woodwork or sculpture before relaxing with a coffee.

Today, I met a woman who inspired me to think a little bit more about this “it shouldn’t be all about the pubs at night” thought thread. Ant and I were sat in Churchill Square in Brighton enjoying the Spring sunshine and waiting for the shops to open. This young Chinese woman approached us, asking for information on the shops opening. When we said 10 or 11, she looked as if she didn’t understand. So I, of course repeated, using my fingers for 10 and 11. Read more…


Triggers for Debauchery

Despite feeling so much better for not drinking including improving my energy levels, daily motivations and of course, physical & mental health, I cannot help but sometimes miss the debaucherous lifestyle of yesteryear.  When I say debauchery, by the way, I mean indulging in alcohol without inhibition – sex, drugs and rock n roll are all still done to the max, of course – hehe. Seriously though, I do have certain triggers and yes, there are quite a few. Read more…

What everyone should campaign for in their local area

Reading a recent report on the Prime Minister’s official website about the cost of alcohol to the NHS, thestats show a massive rise in alcohol-related medical diagnosis. Here’s an excerpt from the report: Read more…

Things that still make me want to drink….

One and a half month’s in to my no-drinking project and I’ve got to say – it’s really not that bad. Most of the time, I’m happy not to drink. Sure, I get funny looks, hanging out at parties till 2 am, drinking mint tea, but so what? I felt great the next morning.

Yet despite the hangover free get-ups, I am human and there are still times when I miss a nice warm glass of red wine, such as: Read more…

What to replace alcohol with in Winter 2012

No, I’m not going to say water. I love it but it’s so boring, especially when you’re out with your friends or having a social gathering at someone’s house. You gotta have something delicious and fun. Something that looks more appealing than a large glass of red wine or a dark rum n coke (guess my two favourites). Here’s what I’ve discovered in the short time I’ve been a soberite.

Herbal Tea

No! Don’t roll you eyes. I’m serious.They’re great – …especially in the morning – apparently, hot water is good for your metabolism. Peppermint tea is a good one to start with. I’ve just discovered Tea Pigs. They’re absolutely amazing. I’ve just had a cup of popcorn tea. It sounds horrid but it tastes divine….much stronger than your average herbal tea. Read more…

One huge reason people drink alcohol when they go out…

…it’s cheaper!!

Since I’ve stopped drinking, one of the things that annoys me more than anything is extortionate pub prices. I am sure you will agree (at least if you are from UK) that it’s now common place to be charged as much (if not more) for a pint of coca cola as you would for a pint of beer or cider. Not everywhere is this greedy but it does seem to be a normal practice to charge over £2.50 for a soft drink, including lime and soda! Read more…

Exception to the Rule

So last night I broke my resolution and drank. However, I think you’ll understand why because I got engaged. He’s a wonderful man and you’d all love him.

So we started on a very expensive bottle of champagne and ended up makung a night of it. Needless to say I am back on the wagon again today with a mean hangover, complete lethargy and aching eyes. Ooof.

What everyone should know about white knuckle sobriety.

So it’s been nearly a month since I stopped drinking. 25 days to be exact and I have to be honest, it really hasn’t been that bad.Yes – I’ve wanted the odd drink but no – I haven’t wanted to rip myself apart craving one. Read more…

About last night

Text from R: Fancy meeting at the pub on the corner?

Text from me: Not really up for drinking tonight babe. Got loads to do tomorrow.

Text from R: We don’t have to drink, just would ne nice to catch up.

Text from me: Ok. Awesome. See you there 5.30 pm.

5 glasses of red wine later (and a shot of Tuaca) = pissed.


Where do you go to be brave?

Here’s a corker from The Daily Post  – designed to give you inspiring questions for your blog

The full question read:

Where do you go to be brave? Is it your home? The gym? Your journal? Where is the place you are bravest? When are the times you are the most brave?

Where do you go to be brave?

To find courage to do something and be brave, comes from within. You psych yourself up, don’t you? It comes from a little voice in your head that says, “I can do this.” or “I will do this.” And building that feeling of determination in your heart.

It’s about mustering up enough will in your gut to do something epic or scary. Not to mention visualising that you’ll do it, in your head.

When are the times you are the most brave?

We am most brave when we have to be. It’s that simple.

Yet many of us have so far to go. I bet we would all do with being braver and stronger when our virtues are tested. Don’t you? Kinder, more patient, more understanding… all things we can build on. On the other hand, we all have the power to be brave souls – you probably have a higher pain threshold than you realise. I hope yours is never tested.

The Daily Post

Topic #334:

Where do you go to be brave? Is it your home? The gym? Your journal? Where is the place you are bravest? When are the times you are the most brave?

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