One Year Booze Free

Things that still make me want to drink….

One and a half month’s in to my no-drinking project and I’ve got to say – it’s really not that bad. Most of the time, I’m happy not to drink. Sure, I get funny looks, hanging out at parties till 2 am, drinking mint tea, but so what? I felt great the next morning.

Yet despite the hangover free get-ups, I am human and there are still times when I miss a nice warm glass of red wine, such as:

> Roasts on Sundays – Having a warm, cosy pub with a delicious roast dinner on the way; sat with friends eager to get merry…..tough one. Funnily enough, I never would have thought of this as a trigger but it really is one of the worst.

> Family disagreements – There’s no getting away from the anguish these cause, if you ask me. Unlike disagreements with other people, you can’t just walk away. Over January my sister and I had a lot of trouble between us and the hurt, frustration and pain this caused made me want to drink A LOT!

>Seeing old friends – when you see a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, the first think you want is to go for a drink, have a giggle, have a catch up….”Let your hair down”…..but now it’s lime & soda all the way.

Saying all that, the craving for that glass of red wine passes and I am vivacious enough (if I do say so myself) to still engage with my friends at a good level. As for the sibling issues, I am guessing a few glasses of wine would have made it much worse and, just in case you were wondering, we are all good now.


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