One Year Booze Free

An easy weight loss incentive everyone should know for 2012

Mega Weight Chart

In my last post, I mentioned a weight loss contest that I’ve recently got into. All you need is to email a few friends who want to lose a bit of weight – all put in a bit of money and a start and finish date. Whoever loses the largest percentage of weight, wins.

Our finish date is in two months. We all threw in £10 each and had to weigh ourselves in Boots chemist, Friday before last and put our results (and tenner) in an envelope to give to one nominated girl.There’s give of us and although I’m sure you can do the maths, I’ll make it clear that it’s £50 jackpot. So far, we have one girl that has lost a lot of weight but it’s clear she will burn out soon and by the sounds of it everyone else is just being good (e.g. no chocolate, no burgers etc.,).

I, on the otherhand, have not taken such a winning attitude as my friends. Because I’m not drinking, I keep thinking to myself, “well…I’m not drinking so a box of chocolates are okay” and “A pork roast with crackling? Why not, I’m not drinking after all.

It has slowly dawned on me that this sort of attitude is a HUGE error because I’m just going to counteract the lack of alcohol calories with another fattening rubbish. I know I’ve already said I would eat heathier (which I have) but I’m still not being a complete angel…choc, choc, choc.

Swimming has also been a no-no as my gym has closed its pool until end of the month. Can’t believe it! That’s where my swimathon is in April. Bonkers.


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