One Year Booze Free

One Fun Day

As of tomorrow I will not only be staying sober but also eating low fat, healthy foods.

I know what you’re thinking – Why not today? And you’re probably right but I’d already organised to go for a roast and see some friends.

Why not last week? My boss was here from America so went out for meals. Ate the last of the chocolate from Christmas and do you know what else? I honestly felt I deserved all these luxuries and treats for not drinking.

Yet these “rewards” are not doing me any good. Especially as I am in a weight loss contest, right now (will save this for another post).

So it’s strict as of tomorrow but according to my friend who’s a fitness instructor, you need to have one fun day a week. Been thinking about it and it makes so much sense. Helps the discipline of keeping it up if you can keep seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Obviously I can’t drink but I’m sure I can think of other vices.

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