One Year Booze Free

Level one of the abstaining from drinking game?

….less than 48 hours until my abstinence begins. I’ve been really looking forward to my clean living. And had some great news that in January my friend (let’s call her N) and my partner (let’s call him A) are going to be joining me.

However, my first obstacle has come forward for January Friday 13th. I have just received an email saying that my boss is flying over to the UK office from America to work with us for that day. He ended the email suggesting we all go out for drinks. This may sound like nothing to you but this kind of socialising is very important – especially when your boss is Russian.

Know what I mean? Slight loosening of your inhibitions. Better banta. Share a night of laughs and more importantly prove you can hold your vodka.

I’ve decided to see this as the first test to my year of giving up. Will I be able to do it? Will I still be fun without it?

Will report in two weeks.

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