One Year Booze Free

Some reasons why I don’t want to quit drinking?

  • All my friends drink a lot – abstaining for a year might completely destroy my social time.
  • I won’t have an excuse to be a lethargic blob. No longer will laying about watching loads of telly and eating lots of junk food be so justified.
  • Known for being vivacious and keeping the party going, I am terrified of being the quiet one.
  • What if I stop having a good time, altogether? What if I become really serious and boring?
  • What will I replace my drinking with? When it’s the end of the day and I need a drink, what will I substitute it with? Can I muster up enough discipline to exercise or meditate instead?
  • If you don’t try, you can’t fail. With so much against me can I make a year?
  • It’s fun: everyone can become more merry, talkative, loved up and relaxed. In the right circumstances, it can enhance a great time.

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